Nerdify Reviews: 5 Healthy Ways to Resolve College Campus Conflicts

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Nerdify reviews
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Campus conflicts are just as common these days as the fights with demanding college professors who ask for assignment revisions or better concentration. While most of us cannot choose who to share the campus room with, there are ways to get things better with the simple tricks that will always help you in life. Even if there are two different or opposite personalities, it is still possible to avoid conflict’s escalation and live in peace.
As the Nerdify reviews team always points out, the key is to work on personal social skills and learn how to voice an opinion while listening to others.

Writing Down Your Demands.

Every conflict always has its root cause and a list of demands from each side. For example, you may get irritated because your roommate takes your leather jacket or fails to keep the room tidy. Likewise, he or she may hate rap music that you enjoy so much. It sounds like an issue where no party will ever give in. Start with a list of demands and what you see as a problem. Write it down and share it. Now think of possible solutions list by writing it down again. This way you may avoid talking to each other, yet seek a compromise.


This term is a foundation of conflict resolution and represents an important technique where a third neutral party becomes involved. It is a person who does not take sides, yet tries to bring conflicting sides towards resolution by letting them speak out. It can be a friend, a course counselor or even a professional in the field. The vital side of mediation is that it does not cost much, keeps the privacy intact, and never takes long to find a solution.

Responsibilities List.

Our cooperation practice for Nerdify reviews has taught us an important lesson about shared responsibilities. This way we avoid complaints or getting something left undone. It works the same way with the college conflicts. Create a list of responsibilities for the day of the week or things that you do better like cooking or cleaning or even finding a list of movies to watch. If something looks troublesome, give your friend an hour to listen to music or play guitar, while you also receive an hour for chatting with that boyfriend or a girlfriend of yours in private.

Teamwork and Community.

A reason why our Nerdify reviews never take long to get published is the dedication to teamwork and a great sense of community. College life is all about cooperation and the rule applies to campus life as well. If there are any team projects for the course, let the professor know that you want to work with your roommate, so you can always discuss it later. They may think that you are cross with each other, yet it will prove otherwise and make them smile. If there is some community service that one of you is involved in, join it as well to show that you care or offer to be a spectator at the college football game.

When to Ring a Bell.

Unfortunately, there are grim cases of college bullying or even harassment. Such conflicts should be reported immediately with the professional involvement of college officials or even healthcare specialists. There may be trouble at home or excessive stress that your roommate is dealing with yet fails to ask for help and expresses it in a rude behavior or even violence. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is time to ring a bell and talk to a trusted person. Always remain sensitive and voice your concerns with as much confidentiality as you can. Most colleges offer professional help, so consider it as an option.

A Word of Wisdom From The Nerdify Reviews

College life is a time when we all feel homesick and lost. Even though we finally gain independence and have no one to tell us what is right, things still feel awkward. When we are left on our own on a college campus, it may feel like everything and everyone is against us. In truth, it is very far from the truth as it is only stress and a demanding environment that make us feel this way. Since the only object of emotional release is a single person or those who share our college room, it is no wonder that some conflicts may occur. We all are used to a certain way of life, yet it is our differences that make this world so beautiful and force us to appreciate who we are. Listen to others, learn to be patient, and see what skills help people to feel confident and get on with others. It is a much more important lesson that no degree will ever offer!