Nerdify Tips: Easy Steps to Ace your First Interview

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How to Ace your First Interview Nerdify Style
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Greetings, Nerdify fans! Imagine that you’ve been working on your resume for several hours, then sent it to different companies in the hoping to get an invitation for the interview. Finally, it happened, but you started panicking, as you don’t know what to do and how to behave.

Don’t be afraid! Follow Nerdify recommendations that will help you cope with stress and pass the interview successfully.

Before the interview:

1. Pick proper clothes

Good clothes open all doors. So try not to contradict the corporate style. Perhaps in the organization, they prefer to dress in casual. Then don’t stand out and don’t come in an office suit. Just from the doorway, you will be perceived as a stranger. Conversely, in areas where every employee must wear a suit, jeans and a sweater will look weird. Anyway, the clothes should be clean, ironed and neutral.

2. Explore the company

Most companies have websites where you can find all the information: from the history and the founders to the mission and contacts. Spend an hour or two on this site for a deeper study of the organization. Find out what qualities and skills the company values in employees and whether you have them. Knowledge is power, but it also shows that you are serious about it and you care about which company to work in.

3. Review your resume

You think that you already know your resume throughout and across but read it again, thinking about the possible questions of the employer. Try to correlate your answers with the position you are applying for.

4. Write an elevator pitch

Еlevator pitch is a short 30-second presentation of yourself, answering questions: ‘who are you?’, ‘what can you offer?’, ‘what contribution can you make to the company?’. It’s always difficult to write about your strengths and benefits, but you have to learn how to sell yourself as a professional.

5. Make a repetition

Invite a friend or family member to have a mini-interview with you. Tell them your elevator pitch. Ask them to ask you some typical questions, and you give them the best answers. You can also ask them for the feedback. Rehearsal interview allows you to get used to this process so that you feel comfortable and confident in a real interview.

6. Prepare questions on important topics

As you gather information about the company, write down the questions that arise. On some questions, you can find answers in the process of studying the company. The rest you can ask the interviewer. Don’t forget that the interview is primarily a dialogue. Moreover, interesting and reasonable questions characterize the applicant positively.

7. Prepare answers to typical questions

A good improvisation is a rehearsed improvisation. Prepare answers to potential questions whenever possible. Definitely, you will not define all the questions that you will be asked. And yet it does not prevent you from getting ready. Look at the lists of typical questions in the interview. Think about your answers. Most often, the interviewer will ask you the text of your resume: your last job, why you quit, etc.

Pronounce the prepared phrases aloud. Not everyone has an innate oratorical talent, so you should develop this skill at every opportunity. Especially before the interview.

During the interview: 

1. Follow the posture

Sit straight, spread your shoulders, don’t bring your head down. Nothing in your behavior should say that you are a lazy student. You are not a lazy student and you don’t want the interviewer to accept you for who you really are not. So, don’t slouch!

2. Maintain eye contact

By maintaining eye contact with the interviewer, you demonstrate your sincerity and confidence.

3. Do not apologize for lack of experience

Instead, emphasize your education, skills, and strengths.

4. Answer questions honestly

Never lie. Even if some of the interviewer’s questions make you uncomfortable, don’t lie and never change the subject. You have to tell the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth. This is what is appreciated the most at Nerdify.

5. Omit some details

No one needs to know the details of your background. The more you explain these or those situations, the more you create an impression of yourself as an exculpatory and protective person. As it was mentioned before, don’t lie, speak about the facts but omit the details. Hold confession for your therapy session.

6. Use a professional language

Even if the interviewer is being rude, don’t follow his example. Maintain a professional level, refraining from the tartness, inappropriate jokes. As a student, you can’t boast of extensive experience, but you are able to show your ambitions, fresh and new look and readiness to work.

After the interview:

Send a thank you note by e-mail to your interviewer within 24 hours after the end of the interview. Thank him for the time and confirm your interest in this work. The letter shouldn’t be too long and make sure that it doesn’t contain grammatical errors.

You are still a beginner in the labor market and it will be difficult for you to pass the interview right away. Hever, these recommendations from Nerdify will help you prepare for all the pitfalls that may meet you on the way to getting a job.

Good luck!