Nerdify Reviews: Most Helpful Apps for Students in 2018

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Nerdify Reviews - helpful apps for students
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It’s 2018 and it seems like there is literally an app for everything! Everything except for the one thing needful for college students, right? Wrong! Well, to be fair, it’s the one thing needful in your parent’s estimation. There’s nothing more important to a college student than studying, right? Obviously! *nervous laughter*

To cheer you up from those bad college grade blues, Nerdify reviews top helpful apps and here’s a countdown list of them. Check these apps out. They certainly put the STUD back in studying.


Struggling to organize those brilliant ideas into legible concepts? Simplemind Pro helps sweep out those brain cobwebs and translate them into digital spider diagrams! Brainstorming for that boring English has never been so fun and effective as you can add media to your mind maps as well!


Tired of missing important deadlines and arriving late for exams? This easy-to-use app is absolutely free on both IOS and Android and helps to keep track of important tests, exams and best of all – lunch breaks!


Tired of having to keep a pen and paper handy for all your spontaneous bright ideas and important vocal notes? Dragon Anywhere acts like a personal fire-breathing dragon, except, it doesn’t breathe fire, it dictates and edits notes and documents. This app works exactly like a pocket-recorder. All this is done using only the voice. At only $15 per month you can continue talking to yourself, I mean thinking out loud and not look like a crazy person!


This one is for the maths gurus who realize that it’s now the 21st century and it’s time to go digital, but still, want that 1820’s feel to it. Mathematical equations are solved by hand in order to help cram, I mean learn equations and formulas. This requires a once off fee of $1.99.

Before revealing the number one spot. A few honorable mentions must go to SOUNDNOTE (Ipad)- which allows for lecture recording, in both visual and audio format. Now you get to hear the sound of your lecturer all day long, without taking too much memory space. Alternatively, it serves as good lullaby material as well when student insomnia comes knocking on the door.

For those of us who still enjoy the flash card system that our grandma’s used to use. GOCONQR is the perfect app. Assisting with the organization of information into charts, notes, mind-maps, and quizzes.

Ever sighed with relief as you finished a paper only to have to spend what feels like 33 additional hours referencing the sources. Well, no more confusions with commas, full stops, and publishing dates. EASYBIB the answer to your prayers. Find the academic reference to a book simply by scanning in the barcode. Take a photograph or simply type in the title of the book. It coughs up the relevant reference in MLA, APA and Chicago style formats.

Suppose you are a night owl. You enjoy spending long nights revising at the library, on campus and sometimes cannot avoid walking alone late at night all by yourself. You are nervous for that mid-term exam, but anxious and worried that you won’t make it to the testing dates due to all the ferocities that occur on a daily. CIRCLE OF 6 allows the student to keep in touch with 6 close friends. The whereabouts of the user are known by the six chosen contacts with only just a simple click. This ensures safety whilst studying- or embarking on other late night “errands.”

Finally the number one spot:


#1 in our Nerdify reviews list! Voted as the best app by our Nerds, Evernote, helps students sync notes across devices, streamlined and organized. You are even able to search for text inside images. Link audio attachments and checklists. All this free, outside of the yearly amount of only $34.99. Oh, come on! It’s less than the average amount of booze the average college student spends in just a week, it may as well go towards your education, right?

Keep on the lookout for more trendy, fun and practical updates on our blog. But certainly, check out these apps to take the DYING out of studying. Remember that if there’s a simpler way to do something, there’s an app for it, you just haven’t discovered it yet!

Best of luck with college marathon and always remember to keep it hAPPening with Nerdify reviews.