4 Unconventional Ideas to Make Your Weekend at Home Enjoyable

3 min read
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As we all strive through the social distancing that is caused by a stay at home times, there are still ways to make this experience much more enjoyable. Of course, spending more than one week at home is not the same as dreaming about a weekend because there is no chance to visit a movie theater or gather together with a group of friends after the studies or a hard day at work. Regardless if you are stuck on your own or have the luck to be with a family, things can quickly get boring and even depressing. Thankfully, there are ways to have some fun even when stuck at home!

Play Trivia Games. It is good when you can play some board games with your best friends, yet staying home on your own is a different matter. When you feel like a trivia night, meet Sporcle, the largest online trivia community where you can compete with people from all over the world. Choose any topic from Sports, Music, History to Cars, Politics or TV shows and have some quality fun. It is not only free, but there are also special campaigns where you can win digital prizes for popular gaming websites.

Plant Some Seeds. Spring is the time of the year when your mind and body ask you to take a walk outside or run through the park wearing your shiny new sneakers. It is nature’s call! Now take your time to plant some seeds and grow your own little garden. Even if you have never done something like that before, there are many Youtube guides that will help you start something totally new, an experience that can last for a day or even continue for months as you watch the seeds grow!

Participate in Online Volunteering. There are many communities that need your support these days. Join the psychological support club online or spend your time teaching the children simple science tricks. We may not be able to provide due physical presence support and care, yet being there by email, phone or video messages is still possible. You can join the Red Cross and help with the alerts or assist the veterans – there are many ways to help!

Start Learning a New Language. No, it is not always difficult to learn a foreign language, especially if you are not forced to do so. The secret is that learning something at school is always related to grades and a limited amount of time while mastering new words and grammar on your own frees your mind. Check out the great free language learning applications like DuoLingo or HelloTalk where you can schedule your own lessons and study as much as you can. HelloTalk app, in particular, allows you to talk with the natives and learn just as if you visit a totally new country in person!

Now as you have these amazing ideas, take your time to have some fun and enjoy the experience!