Nerdify Reviews: 5 Unconventional Spring Break Ideas

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Nerdify Reviews
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As the spring break is around the corner, the Nerdify reviews decided to compile a list of five unconventional ideas to keep you inspired. Yes, we may talk of classic tips that you know well, but we approach them in a different way! Regardless of whether your time is short or funds are limited, there are always things that can become a positive change in your life and in the lives of other people. Think about what motivates you to do better, remember what you wanted to accomplish, pay attention to all the interesting offers, and, most importantly, have fun and keep smiling!


Even though it may sound boring and quite conventional, do not be too quick to judge as it is always possible to explore all the interesting local things and the places you have never visited. If you are majoring in Journalism, think about how the problems in your community can be covered in a special way. If you like history, visit all these old places, learn about architecture and old customs. Now if you can travel abroad, take your chance to learn about unique cultures. Be polite, patient, and do not forget to take lots of pictures!

Learn Another Language.

Good things come free and, luckily, it is also the case with learning a foreign language. There are many free courses that are available for both novice and intermediate learners. If joining a course is not your cup of tea (or coffee!), think about installing an application that helps to learn words by picture cards. It takes about 15 minutes a day, yet it helps you to learn unknown words. Once things get better, joining a course does not seem that frightening! Some of us at Nerdify reviews also found it helpful to join relevant social media groups where people from different lands try to help each other by typing or video calls. Make new friends and open doors to exciting, new things!

Charity & Community Work.

We all know about spring break community work that also helps to earn a little bit, yet this time we thought about doing something on your own. Organize a bakery sale or collect old items from the locals that they no longer need to create a little museum of American (or any other) history and culture. If you are visiting your remote relatives, ask them about important personalities in their town or the countryside. Start with a project and tell your friends and college mates about what you have discovered. After all, it is much more interesting than heading over to Wikipedia entry! Now if you still need some help to organize something, join the local Scouts team and ask them about what kind of help or supervising they may need. Being an influence for young people is truly important as we always learn from children and create special bonds that help us to become more sincere, open, and happier!

Music & Sports.

We all have our favorite past times that suffer due to lack of time. It may be music, sports, drawing, singing, being a part of the local theater or whatever else. As the spring break arrives, take your time to make another leap to success. It is your life and your time, so take each chance to do something that brings you joy and inspires you to walk an extra mile. If you always wanted to learn how to play your Dad’s old guitar, visit the local music shop and ask around about who may give you a lesson. The same goes for sports. Spend more time outside – ask your friends and the family to organize a ball game where both young and old can participate. Even such geeks as we are at Nerdify reviews plan to spend our precious spring breaks competing with each other.

Write a Story or Draw a Picture.

The last idea that we want to offer is truly unconventional. Did you ever try to write a story or draw a picture? Even the brightest among Nerdify reviews have tried to write a story with a strong plot and found it quite difficult to accomplish. Although most of us have a blog and an Instagram feed, it is not the same! Start with a list of characters, then come up with a subject and make an introduction. It can be something little and funny, yet do your best to get things finished or at least reach a logical point where you can stop. Now if we talk about drawing a picture, look up the basic ideas online and see if you can start with simple things first. If the weather is especially bad and you have seen all the latest movies, such activities become a good alternative.