Nerdify Reviews 3 Benefits of Joining a Freshman Orientation Program in College

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Starting your college career is usually stressful for most students. After all, you are making the initial leap from adolescent to adult. And while there is no manual for this, there is something called freshman orientation. This is a program for incoming students where they can participate in several activities that provide a smooth transition into college and their new independence.

For some schools, orientation is optional while for others it is mandatory. The reason college orientation is mandatory in some schools is so that you can confirm that your financial aid is in order and provide your primary tuition payments. 

Your parents can usually attend too, and orientation also helps them to put their minds at ease since they know more about where you will be living. And for those students who cannot attend in person, some schools are holding their orientations online so that nobody misses out.

In this article, Nerdify Reviews experts will provide three reasons why it is important to go to college orientation and answer any questions you might have about it.

Nerdify Reviews 3 Important Reasons to Go to College Freshman Orientation

student group at the library – Nerdify Reviews 3 important reasons to go to college orientation

1. You get a chance to ask questions

Hopefully, you learned plenty about your college before you even applied, but orientation is the time to learn even more, like their campus, culture, and traditions. There should be academic advisors as well as upperclassmen there to discuss any last-minute questions, comments, or concerns you might have. 

Be sure to ask about college safety, like what number should you call or where you should go if you feel unsafe. Many colleges have curfews for freshman students. Check to confirm that you know exactly how curfews work so you don’t get locked out of your dorm at night!

This is the perfect time to ask questions! We’ve collected from the Nerdify Reviews on Reddit a few important questions to think about:

  • How can tuition fees be paid?
  • Who should I contact if I have any problems or concerns?
  • Where are the best places to go near campus on the weekends?
  • Where is the best place to park?
  • Is there a club for ______ (based on your hobby or academic interest)?
  • What classes will be needed for my major?
  • Can I receive college credit for my AP classes? (for Advanced Placement students)

2. This is the perfect time to make new friends

One of the most important things to consider is the impact of orientation programs on new student engagement and transition. One of the best ways to get students engaged is to meet new people. Some orientations will have a lot of information for you to absorb, while others will try to push you to meet some of your peers and establish social connections.

Sure you can get to know the administration and academic advisors (and ask them some of the questions listed above), but one of the best reasons to join an orientation is to get to know your fellow students. This can mean the upperclassmen or the new freshman like yourself. Hearing from upperclassmen is particularly important since they can share their experience and tell you exactly what to expect.

Sometimes, the leaders of the orientation will introduce you to other peers once they learn about your background. Everyone is there for the same reason, so don’t feel nervous about talking to strangers there. They’re probably just as nervous as you!

Some students in the Nerdify Reviews on Reddit ask, “What happens if you miss orientation for college?” Making new friends should be your primary reason for going. Try to locate students that are interested in the same major. That way you can help each other out when it’s time to study for an exam or a big project. If you really want to make friends, find those with the same hobbies as you (or frequent the same Reddit forums).

3. You can take care of any last-minute business

If you’re wondering when college orientation is usually beginning, it occurs at different times depending on the school. It can happen the summer before the fall semester, or it can even be a few days before school officially starts. A university will usually send you a checklist by email or the school portal. This checklist will list all the recommended things you should do before the first day of school. 

Make sure you turn in any required documents BEFORE the first day of college, say Nerdify Reviews experts. The college will probably send reminders of what you still need from you beforehand, so always check your email, especially 2-3 weeks before school starts. Sign up for the college’s online portals so that you don’t miss valuable information from teachers, administration, and academic advisors. 

If you want to know how long college orientation is, it can be anywhere between a couple of days to an entire week. This is a great time to take care of any required last-minute items before the school year starts and things become more chaotic. You can do things like getting your student ID, purchasing your parking pass, and finding out exactly where everything is located on campus. 

In conclusion

Freshman orientation is something that most incoming students should take advantage of. The benefits of going far outweigh not going. As a final tip from Nerdify Reviews experts: Make sure you attend the correct orientation! Sometimes there are specific ones for first-year students, international students, and transfer students. It will be very embarrassing for you if you arrive at orientation and nobody calls your name!

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