Nerdify Reviews 7 Secret Tips to Getting Organized

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Nerdify Reviews
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When we start with our college duties or have some fun while going through the list of endless assignments, getting organized is the key. Even though most will claim that there is not much they can do to keep things in order, there are still some ways that will greatly improve our schedule and will not force us to choose between setting up a great online college party or doing homework. Our Nerdify reviews team hurries to share their thoughts and secret tips with you just the way how the nerdy experts do it when they need more time!

1. Writing down the list of things to do. Even though it is always mentioned in a list of things that are supposed to help in keeping you organized, our Nerdify reviews staff can only confirm this because this way you will never forget about your future plans. Add an assignment or some paper revision from your college professor and you will forget about past plans right away. Now when you have a list of things to do, you keep yourself focused. You can use your phone or turn to the old method of color stickers all over your room. It has always worked before for most of us, so why not try it out?

2. Turning to digital organizers and reminders for college students. Do not underestimate the importance of helpful mobile apps that are aimed at college students. You can set reminders for your tasks and check up with the list of things that you have to do. Starting from Evernote to Wunderlist, you can see what fits best for you and helps to keep things safe.

3. Analyzing your key deadlines and sorting the tasks. Another secret tip that we want to share at Nerdify reviews is taking a deeper look at the list of your course deadlines and the parts of assignments that must be submitted. You can sort your tasks starting with the most difficult and challenging to the easy ones. It will be of great assistance as you make plans for the evening, knowing precisely what is left and how much time it usually takes. Take one step at a time and avoid trying to do it all at once because multitasking will only keep you exhausted. Since it engages both parts of the human brain, it takes twice as much strength!

4. Planning your leisure time together. If it seems impossible for you to catch up with all the fun things that you have in mind, talk to your friends and plan your free time together. This way you won’t have to wait for the bass player to show up for the band’s online practice session or hear that your best video games partner still has tons of writing to do. When you plan your time wisely by discussing it in advance, you can cooperate and help each other, which is a great part of being at college. Try it out and you shall see that it works wonders!

5. Taking breaks as you study. According to healthcare specialists and our experience at Nerdify reviews, it is best if one studies for about 25-30 minutes with a short ten minutes break that follows. It will help keep your brain filled with oxygen. This way you will know that your time allocated for studies won’t take hours. Taking a break can be anything that ranges from simply resting your back to spending some time stretching your muscles. The most important is to switch your mind off and let yourself relax. Once you know that there will be a break, you will work twice as fast as there will be a reward. Just drink a cup of coffee or dance around to your favorite song because there ought to be some fun after all!

6. Exhaustion aspect. Even if you manage to keep everything organized, it does not mean that you must do anything that comes your way. Unfortunately, it can easily lead to exhaustion and feeling stressed. The key is to choose your plans according to your resources. Of course, if you know that you can handle it all and live by the “study hard – party hard” rule, then everything is fine but remember that your body and brain need some rest!

7. Reaching out for help when you need it. Sometimes it is not possible to get organized not because of someone’s being lazy or putting things off but because of specific personal issues. Regardless if it is something mental or you have a learning difference that poses a challenge, the help is out there along with alternative ways of learning things. Talk to your college counselor online, discuss your organizational issues caused by remote learning, and a good solution will definitely be found!