Nerdify Reviews 3 Tips for Making Friends and Building a Social Circle in Your Dormitory

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Nerdify Reviews 3 Tips for Making Friends and Building a Social Circle in Your Dormitory
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Living in a dormitory is a staple of the college experience. Many students make friendships in college that carry on for years. Others…well…do not. 

There are so many things that you can do to meet new students. You can offer help to those who can’t get a handle on the homework, go to the gym together, or even host a movie night. But what are some of the best ways to meet new people? Especially in a dormitory. 

It’s always beneficial to meet new people in your dorm because of the ease of access. Having friends in your dormitory means that you don’t have to wait until class to see someone again. Is it easy to make friends in a dorm? Well, that depends on how open you are to meeting new people. If you are, and keep in mind that most people are friendly, then you too can make friends in a dorm using these tips.

1. Smile at everyone

Remember to smile at others. That is a very important skill if you want to know how to make friends and expand your social circle. Smiling at others lets them know that you are friendly and open to talk. In turn, they can relax around you and open up a bit.

Protip: If you meet someone you like, make sure to ask what their name is and REMEMBER IT! One thing that we all have in common is that we love to hear the sound of our own names. And when in the middle of a conversation, be sure to actually LISTEN. Don’t just prep what you’re going to say next while they’re talking. People know when people are really listening to them.

Want to know how to grow a social circle even more? When somebody invites you to do something with them or their group, say yes! This will lead to you meeting all kinds of different people. It’s okay if you’re busy, but please remember that saying no too many times will cause people to stop asking, whether you have a good excuse or not.

This skill is also great if you want to know how to make friends in community college. These types of schools don’t usually have dormitories, but smiling at people is a great thing to do no matter where you are.

2. Attend as many college events as you can

This next step is perhaps the most effective step for making friends in college. Don’t just stay inside your room playing video games or reading Reddit posts. If you’re truly interested in meeting students with common interests, make sure to join a club. This way, you are guaranteed to meet people who have a passion for the same things you do.

You’ll learn more about your passion since your classmates will have a different perspective on it and might look at the same thing from a different point of view. They can tell you something about it that you didn’t know about. You can also discover what your strengths and weaknesses are in a particular area.

Attending events is an important lesson in how to make friends in college if you are shy because you can find a sense of belonging. There is something prideful about being part of a group where everyone has something in common. This is also important because you will learn how to work with a team of people. This provides you with soft skills that you will need after you graduate, especially when you start work. 

Speaking of starting work, you’ll be able to add your participation in a group to your resume. Joining a group proves that you have learned certain skills that will be useful to the company you want to work for.

3. Try to leave your door open

If you consider yourself an open person, consider keeping your door open. Many students are extroverted and want to know how long it takes to make friends in college. If you want to start quickly, this is great because you can meet new people without even getting up from your chair. 

When keeping your door open, you’re telling people that they are welcome to come into your room and chat you up. It shows that you are approachable. Eventually, other students will pop in and say hi. Some students are afraid to walk up to a stranger because they don’t know if somebody is open or not. Leaving the door open kills the nervousness that comes from trying to walk up and approach people you don’t know. 

Protip: if EVERYONE keeps their doors open, then it will be very easy to make friends with everyone on your floor. This is great if you don’t know how to make friends in class. Keep in mind that people WILL pop into your room. This tip is not for everybody, so if you’re the type of person who prefers privacy, maybe you can consider one of our other tips instead.

In Conclusion

With these tips, you will be able to meet people anywhere and know how to make friends in college when everyone already has friends. But no matter what tip you try, always remember to be approachable. Keep eye contact. Listen to others. Nobody wants to be around somebody who is in a bad mood all the time, so be sure to keep your spirits up when out and about with new people!

If you would like more tips on how to succeed in college and university, follow the Nerdify reviews blog for a comprehensive game plan on how to achieve great results in your studies.