Nerdify Reviews: 7 Ways Not to Go Crazy While Studying Online This Semester

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Nerdify reviews
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Trust us, even the nerdy types at the Nerdify reviews team find it extremely hard to deal with the online studies and every single academic action now being taken to extremes of the video conferencing and the online sessions that always break down. The good news is that there are at least seven little tricks that will help you avoid going crazy as you try to make it through this challenging online semester. Since studying online is still new, it is not surprising that we do not feel right when we are stuck at home and need to learn a thing or two by spending hours online!

1. Start with a clear routine of things to do
First of all, create a mental schedule for yourself and allocate some time for not studying and not doing anything that irritates you. It must be your moment of peace when you can simply sit down and avoid doing anything. Next, include time for showering or having a snack. Do not forget that you are in the safety of your own home, so you can plan a lot of things by considering the lack of transportation or visiting a lecture hall. If something is not clear, ask your college professor about it and remember that they ought to provide you with information.

2. Do not forget to “go offline” once you go to bed
While it is mostly a mental trick, it adds some sense of having something finished. Some of us at the Nerdify reviews came up with this idea because it really works. This way, you do not have the impression that you are always online and on alert of all the assignments. You may not have to shut down your computer and prevent yourself from watching some Youtube or Netflix videos, just go into offline mode at the online campus and forget about it all for a while.

3. Add some quality headset to your academic gear
There is nothing worse than getting distracted by using the cheap headphones that hiss and catch every sound around you. Investing in some quality gear that helps to stay in focus will ease down your online sessions this semester. Look for student discounts or talk to musician friends in your social circle who will always recommend something affordable, yet good enough. The rule is: if it is good for sound recording, it will help you to hear every word of your college professor. Moreover, you can always use it later for watching a movie or listening to your favorite music!

4. Cooperate with others as you study
The first thing that we decided upon at the Nerdify reviews is the importance of cooperation with your friends as you study online. When you talk to others and ask them about grading instructions or a lecture that just took place, you learn to synthesize information and process it in a better way. Even a little piece of explained data will help you to save some precious time and avoid going crazy trying to understand what has been said during the moment when your video stream has stopped.

5. Get some snacks along and remember to relax
Think about getting some snacks in advance and keeping your favorite coffee mug along with you. Do not forget that you still have to keep within the ethical norms, so avoid chewing a piece of gum as you talk to your professor. Nevertheless, getting some snacks as soon as you close the online session is a great idea because it helps you to relax and have a reward. Our experts at the Nerdify reviews recommend studying for at least 30-40 minutes before taking a 15 minutes break.

6. Consider the options and focus on what really matters
Learn how to focus on what is really important to you in personal and professional terms. If something does not inspire you, analyze the situation, and talk to your course advisor. If the learning methods do not suit you or you cannot understand it, bring it up and ask for alternative learning options. Since online learning is more flexible than any physical presence, you have a right to make a choice and focus on what helps you to learn.

7. Make some room changes & add unusual ideas
Try to change the objects in your room, add a different chair, play with the lighting, think about placing something interesting upon your desk, or even changing the placement of your workplace. When you need a little change, you never know what may inspire you and get rid of things that make you feel stressed. Make yourself a present, purchase a soft toy, or do something that makes you happy. It will always remind you of a time when you kept smiling!