Nerdify Reviews 9 Bucket List Items to Check off Your End-of-Semester To-Do List

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Nerdify Reviews 9 Bucket List Items to Check off Your End-of-Semester To-Do List
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As college students, we all know that the semester is coming to a close. This means tests, papers, and projects due for each class before you get to finally say goodbye to college life (at least until the next semester). 

Before you get too overwhelmed with end-of-semester stress, let’s focus on some fun things you can do during your last few weeks in school! The Nerdify Reviews team made a list of 10 great bucket list items that will make your end-of-semester amazing.

1. Plan an end of semester party

Celebrate all your hard work over the past several months by hosting an epic party with friends. Make sure it’s an event worthy of going down in history by planning ahead and inviting everyone you know (and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!).

Buy a Polaroid camera and set up a photo-op area for the best memories. Everyone will be able to have their pictures right away! Make sure to buy a good amount of drinks and snacks!  

2. Take a road trip 

Get out of campus and explore somewhere new with your friends. It’s a great way to unplug from all the end-of-semester stress and just have some fun together! Plus, road trips are one of those classic college experiences that everyone should have – so why not check it off your bucket list?

3. Go camping 

Whether you take a few days or just one night away from campus, camping is a great way to enjoy nature and bond with friends. Don’t forget the s’mores! Not able to leave campus? Build a fort in your living room or dorm. Not able to have a fire? Order takeout! Who says camping has to be outside, anyways? 

4 Attend a local festival or concert 

Search for local festivals or concerts taking place near your campus for an exciting night out! You never know what kind of surprises you might find at these events – so be sure to keep an open mind when attending them. Not sure if your favorite artist is coming to town toon? 

Check out ticket apps like Axis or Ticketmaster to see if anyone will be near. You could also download Eventbrite to look for local festivals or events in your immediate area! The end of the semester is a great time to discover new artists or bands that you’ve never heard of! 

5. Catch up with friends 

Whether they live on campus or far away, make sure to set aside time while you still can to catch up with old friends before the semester ends. Schedule brunch dates, go shopping together, or plan something else fun – whatever works best for both parties involved!

6. Have fun outdoors 

Even if it’s cold outside, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy nature while getting some fresh air (like sledding!). Just bundle up and spend time outdoors doing something fun with your friends before it gets too chilly outside!

7. Visit surrounding cities or towns 

Adventure awaits outside your college town – so why not explore it? Take a day trip somewhere nearby and discover what other cities have to offer that may be different from where you live now!

8. Host a movie night/game night/karaoke night 

Nothing beats good ol’ fashioned movie nights spent inside cuddling up with blankets and snacks (or maybe playing video games?). If movies aren’t really your thing though, consider hosting game nights instead – where guests can play board games like Monopoly or Cards Against Humanity until the wee hours of the morning! Or if singing is more up your alley, host karaoke night instead for some extra fun!

9. Try something new 

College is about learning new things and growing as individuals – so why not try something completely new this end-of-semester? Whether it’s picking up a musical instrument for the first time ever or simply trying out different types of cuisines at local restaurants around town – put yourself out there and give something new a try today!

In Conclusion

The end-of-semester period doesn’t have to be all about studying and stress; it can also be filled with opportunities for fun experiences as well as meaningful connections made along the way! So put away those textbooks for once and focus on living life while checking off these 9 must-do activities off your bucket list this semester before it’s officially over! Good luck crossing everything off that checklist – happy exploring! And if you need some help with your studies – our Nerds are always there for you.