Nerdify Reviews 6 Reasons to Start a Video Blog This Summer

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Nerdify Reviews
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Our Nerdify reviews team believes that video blogging is the modern type of journalism that helps to unite people from all over the world. Regardless if you would like to tell the world or the local community about some environmental issues or share cooking tips for the college students (or those who just want to taste something delicious!), video blogging is the way to go. Moreover, as we are fighting the post-effect of social distancing and the times of uncertainty, one should think about becoming a video blogger because it will help us to stay in touch with family and friends as we share our lives and skills online.

1. You Can Become a Successful Influencer. According to our experts at Nerdify reviews, no influencer that has started a video blog would get by without being the promoter with an active social position. While it may look like just walking around with a camera, there are many secrets that are involved as the person promotes various locations, local cafes, restaurants, even books and movies as the objects are getting into the frame. Think of what you would like to promote, contact the companies that you know well, and make it your business as you influence people!

2. Video Blogging Helps to Make Friends Around The World. The best part, according to our staff at Nerdify reviews, is to make friends and discover various cultures and traditions as your video blogging activity can take you anywhere. You shall receive comments and questions from people somewhere in Japan or Brazil, which will help you to learn and become more socially active. The trick is to stay friendly and show respect as you tell people about your country or share your skills with the rest of the world. Remember to provide explanations and study your target audience!

3. You Can Participate in International Volunteering Projects. Do not forget that you can also promote important social events by becoming a volunteer. You can also highlight the events and important social processes in your local community. It may be anything from environmental issues to the construction of the roads that have been promised by the local officials, yet there are still dangerous spots where the children play. As we know, the help of video bloggers cannot be underestimated as they become the voices of freedom and awareness!

4. You Can Promote Your Ideas & Hobbies. If you are an athlete or a musician, you can use video blogging as a safe way to promote your ideas and skills. If you know how to dance or would like to provide free or paid singing lessons, video blogging becomes great assistance for your promotion. The most important is to provide something truly unique! The trick is to keep your video blogging active, which will make your content recognizable. Think about how to design your intro and the ending credits and keep track of your statistics as you do so!

5. Video Blogging Improves Your Social Skills. It is not often mentioned but many of us (even those who did not get famous yet) have improved our social skills. You will learn how to form your sentences and express your ideas. If you are majoring in Journalism or Political Science, starting a video blog will be quite helpful as you will think over your ideas and will position your beliefs correctly. Always show respect and try to avoid any sensitive topics that may hurt or offend people by accident. As your videos might reach a global audience, consider this aspect as you get creative!

6. You Can Work In The Field of Marketing. Finally, you can work in the field of SMM (Social Media Marketing) by becoming a video blogger who can provide examples of various promotion methods. It can be anything from your private tutoring sessions in the field or promotion for the large companies as your name becomes recognizable. Think about how you could offer something unique for those who require promotion and make it a big part of your video blog! Most importantly, always check your content for being unique and talk to your friends who would provide you with an honest opinion as you start!

Most importantly, take your time to research your subject and consider the basic rules of video editing to make your videos stand out. It is also good to think about some outline for your video to make it interesting and inspiring. Write down the list of various ideas as you plan the next video post. Of course, we often make things live as we plan this or that at Nerdify reviews, yet live streams will also require experience and strategic thinking! Just remember to have fun and do things that truly inspire you!