Nerdify Reviews Traveling Rules in Summer 2021 for US Students

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Regardless if you are planning to travel domestically these days or hope to visit a certain location abroad, you still have to check with the different restrictions and rules applicable for 2021 as an American student. According to what we could find out at Nerdify reviews, your first step should be checking up with the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory. While we already have a list of European countries that accept vaccinated travelers, things are not that simple in practice. You still have to receive approval from the Department of State Travel committee and see the list of exceptions in advance. You can take a closer look here to study all the latest news because it will always depend on the purpose of your travel.

To make matters even worse we also have the European Union giving various hints stating that Americans would be restricted from entry due to the high and rising US coronavirus rate. However, there are also different rules for certain U.S. states, which means that you should always check twice to ensure that you do not have to spend at least 14 days of your journey stuck in quarantine.

Turning to the situation with the American students, our Nerdify reviews experts could find out the following:

Graduate Students (including the ones who study abroad). You would need approval from the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory according to Level 1 and 2 rules. The same relates to Level 3 & 4 travels. Currently, the group travels of students are not permitted if you plan to travel in groups of three or more people.

Regarding personal travels, it is recommended to postpone them unless you are coming back to your home country or travel for personal reasons or medical emergencies. Once again, our Nerdify reviews team asks you to take a look at the Covid-19 rules and related risks concerning travel restrictions in 2021.

If you plan to travel domestically for your internship based on your academic program, the chances are high that you will require approval from your advisor and the educational institution in question. You need the approval of the dean or a certified representative of the head of the administrative unit. You should be present in person with the list (and location) of all planned activities, housing, medical restrictions, vaccination (if available), and more.

Finally, domestic travels for personal reasons will include following the rules between the states and the check-in procedures upon your return and arrival to campus.

Undergraduate Students (including study abroad individuals). According to what our Nerdify reviews team could see, the majority of colleges in the United States do not recommend their students to travel abroad these days unless the issue is urgent. You should, however, check with your institution to see whether they have lifted the “suspended” status.

Regarding international personal travel, undergraduate students are also recommended to postpone their plans until further announcement unless they belong to exchange students coming back to their home countries or need to come back because of legal or healthcare aspects. Once again, it is recommended to take time and study the U.S. Department of State website where they list various countries and talk about the risks and restrictions one may encounter. Since the situation changes literally every day, check the latest updates as often as you can.

Just like the postgraduate students, you are not allowed to travel in groups of three or more people. Still, if you receive written approval for any journey related to your academic studies, you still have a chance.

You must remember that only graduate students can receive a special Travel Waiver that would show that they are traveling for academic purposes, yet if you have a secure written approval document from the university’s dean, you should discuss this issue (and exceptions) with your academic advisor. This rule applies to all types of American students that travel beyond the United States or return from another country.

Coming back from abroad or traveling domestically through the United States, it is necessary to take a closer look at the rules introduced by your state and the other state(s) that you are planning to visit.

The Travel Exceptions

Remember that you may appear in the special exceptions list as an American student if you are:

– coming back to your home country as a permanent resident;
– a member of the U.S. Armed Forces attached to a mission;
– travel for the purpose of containment or mitigation of Covid-19;
– represent those whose entry represents the national interest and the matters of Homeland Security.

You should always check with your state’s laws and the international travel restrictions as a student to make your journeys safe and avoid any restrictions or trouble.