Nerdify Reviews 7 Tips For Coping With Trauma While In College

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It is only human to wish life would always be good, and that smiles would adorn our faces every day of our lives. Unfortunately, things are not always like that, you can find so many stories on Reddit! We can protect ourselves and our loved ones as much as possible, but trauma is trauma. When it comes for us or those we hold dear — and it doesn’t come with an announcement — we just have to find a way to overcome it, so this the theme Nerdify reviews today.

In this post from Nerdify reviews team, you’ll learn about 7 helpful tips to help you or anyone you know deal effectively with trauma while in college.

1. Try As Much As Possible Not To Blame Yourself

Grief is universal, most people have to go through it at some point in their lives. However, perhaps one of the biggest indicators of our individualism is in the way we grieve. Most people live out their grief differently from the next person. Regardless of this, no matter what happened or how it happened, do not let yourself wallow in a sea of self-blame. Trauma can have a very strong hold on the mind, and while one would expect the occasional feeling of guilt that could arise in some cases, it is advisable to never let it develop into a major mood. Self-blame will make you stray away from everything that makes you the person you are and eat deep into many other aspects of your life.

2. Be Flexible About Coping

Do not let yourself be boxed into a corner or a definition of coping. As mentioned in Nerdify reviews posts earlier, people are different in how we cope with challenges in our lives, including how we grieve or face trauma. While trying to cope with a traumatic phase of your life, do not lose your individualism to catchphrases or new shiny ideas off the internet, particularly the ones that would have you deny the presence of trauma or bury it deep inside you that all else might thrive. Be flexible. The college itself is already rife with stressors of all kinds as we can read in Reddit reviews, dealing with trauma on top of all that is not fair to anyone. This is why you should maintain flexibility as you cope. If you have to mix it up, please do.

3. Protect Yourself

Physical and mental health are very important in all of this. Protect yourself at all costs. If your college activities are in any way a major trigger for your mental health, it is best to recognize this and take the best step possible towards finding the right solution. Nerdify reviews team suggests seeing a therapist and going to group psychotherapy to identify those triggers.

4. Don’t Use Your Studies As A Decoy

It is not uncommon to see people use their immediate environment as a decoy when faced with some kind of trauma. It has worked for some people over the course of history but generally, it’s not always a healthy practice. For example, someone who lost a loved one and delved into academic activities as a form of denial would assume they had successfully escaped the grieving process unless, of course, it’s not exactly foolproof. The thing about covering things up inside you or using activities as a decoy is that it’s like creating a minefield inside you. It rarely ever lasts. It’s always much safer to go through the process now, though painful than to risk an emotional breakdown later on.

5. Go Back To Your Daily Routines

A good way to reclaim control of your life is to be involved in the things you would ordinarily be involved in. Don’t stay too long away from the gym if you are a gym lover. If you loved to spend time in the library, don’t stray far from it. That sense of balance is very important. However, endeavor not to fall into the trap of doing too much to show people you’ve moved on. Our fellows from Nerdify saw a lot of Reddit reviews stating that hobbies helped students get to their senses.

6. Take A Break If You Need One

There isn’t much to say about this. Sometimes a break is needed to effectively deal with the effects of trauma, especially if your activities as a college student is a major trigger. There are ways to go about this, peculiar to each institution. Meet with the relevant authorities and state your case. Even if you need to take as much as one semester off to deal with things, please do.

7. See A Therapist

This is coming last because it is the most important of all these tips. Seeing a professional is the first thing you should do when faced with trauma. No amount of online advice or fancy catchphrases can measure up to the help you’ll get talking to someone trained specifically to help out with issues like trauma. Your college life will be all better for it. Our colleague at Nerdify reviews specifically asked to include this advice, working with therapist once saved his life!

Nobody invites trauma but it comes for us all the same. When faced with it, everything—including your college life and academics— could be on the line. Following all the tips on this post will give you a great chance of overcoming trauma and preserving your college status.