Nerdify Reviews: 7 Original Ways to Spend Your Xmas

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Nerdify Reviews
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It is a festive season, yay! Our friendly Nerds at the Nerdify reviews team had their say in the selection of original Christmas ideas. Some of them recommended dressing up as Santa, while the others found it to be way too old school. Still, we came up with seven original recommendations that will not only make the next Christmas season memorable for you but will also inspire others to make this world a little bit better, brighter, and safer. After all, Christmas is about love and taking care of each other, bringing hope and light to everyone!

Visit Sick People at The Hospital. Christmas should be fun for everyone regardless of age or gender, yet there are many people who are sick and cannot get out or dance around the Xmas tree. Visiting sick people at the hospital or paying a visit to the children’s hospital will be a great reward for anyone as soon as one sees the happy eyes and even the tears of those who wait for a miracle to happen. As children, we all believe that Christmas is a magical time, so why not take that magic stick in our hands and spend the next Christmas by turning to one of Santa’s helpers?

Organize Charity Meals for The Poor. A lot of nerds that constitute the Nerdify reviews team have discussed the way how not so rich people organize charity meals for the poor people in New York, California, and many other cities and villages nationwide. It does not take much to share your joy and participate in a great charity event with both small and old. It is also a great way to show the younger siblings and friends that kindness starts in the family and that anyone can make a difference. Unlike the gift that is often unwrapped and forgotten soon after, this kind of Christmas will be remembered for a lifetime.

Create a Handmade Gift. This is probably the best part of all because it inspires people for being creative and is a lot of fun during the holidays. Instead of trying to catch all the possible discounts at the local malls, creating something with your own hands will be much more precious to the person you give it for. Do you remember how we would paint a picture or write a little note in that awesome child’s writing just to see the happy tears in the eyes of parents or grandparents? Now it really shows that something is done from the heart, yet most importantly, it will be a truly unique present!

Volunteer for the Local Community. It was surprising even for us at the Nerdify reviews, yet there are many things a person can do as a volunteer for the local community. Christmas is a busy season, so everyone tries to take a break and have some rest. Still, there are many professionals that still work on a daily basis and do their best to keep the city and the people safe and well. Even if it is something very little that you can offer, do not hesitate to give your local community a call and ask if there is anything you can do as a volunteer!

Organize a Family Reunion. It is really bad that most of us meet only during the holidays. Our advice is to start early and organize a great family reunion with a lot of surprises, special games, and the stories that people of all ages can share. If you know that someone struggles financially, organize their transfer to the place of gathering, but do it in a very kind way without offending anyone. At the same time, focus on the people, not on the conditions because it is the happy faces of the family members that really matter.

Start Writing a Story or Paint a Picture. Another fun idea is to start writing a story where you try to finish at least one page a day. It can be a detective story, something for the children, a secret diary or even a new Star Trek episode. If you do not feel like writing, you can try to paint a picture or even decorate the house!

Start Learning About a New Culture. No Nerdify reviews post is considered complete if we do not offer at least one geeky suggestion. The best way to spend Christmas in an original way is to start learning a foreign language (even if it is only several phrases from the tourist book) or exploring a new culture. We often think that we know everything about the world, but try to read up about Japan or even Great Britain’s customs to discover much more than you can ever imagine!

No matter how you plan to spend the next Christmas, keep positive, have fun, and remember that it is about pure love that we share with each other!

Wishing you happy holidays,

Nerdify Reviews Team