Nerdify Reviews 7 Ways to Get More Free Time As You Study

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Nerdify Reviews
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According to our experts at Nerdify reviews, it is almost impossible to find out how much time it will take you to complete an average task as you study because you do not know what to expect. Still, there are some life hacks that will help you to get more free time as you have to complete yet another assignment. You have to read your grading rubric and see what this topic means and what kind of homework you have to do. For example, if your task involves argumentative writing or a reflecting essay, you ought to know what the difference is! Knowing these simple tips will assist you in approaching your task without floating in the clouds of confusion.

Of course, some other aspects must be considered, including:

1. Know Your Task Before You Write. Do your best to learn more about what you have to do. Look up similar assignments online, read the basic rules, find good sources, read similar research papers, and take notes before you start. Our team at Nerdify reviews always acts this way to find out what matters the most when dealing with a certain subject. It also helps to get rid of those confusing aspects when we do not how to deal with a complex question.

2. Overcome The Writer’s Block. If you cannot start writing or your mind is busy with all these questions regarding outer space or the reasons why someone is not replying to your Facebook message, it is good to start with a freewriting technique that lets you free your mind. Just set your alarm clock ten minutes forward and start writing what you feel without stopping. It has to be the stream of consciousness that will help you to save time and have some mental inspiration!

3. Keep The Distractions Away. We all know how much time is always taken by distractions when someone keeps watching an odd TV show nearby or your phone is constantly keeping you alert. Our Nerdify reviews team recommends setting your phone to silent mode and focus on your studies. If it does not seem possible, study along with your friend, so you can talk to each other as you study! It will keep you busy as you communicate and get things done much faster!

4. Set Your Time For Studies & Leisure. The safest solution in finding some free time is to know what time is allocated for studies and what time is meant for fun. In other words, if you dance at a friend’s party and keep thinking about that assignment that you must finish, it is no good. Even our geeky experts at Nerdify reviews always do their best to avoid procrastination and follow the “learn hard, party hard” rule, which always lets them have fun and surprise us, not-so-nerdy types!

5. Proofread Your Work Aloud. One of the most time-consuming aspects, when we study, is editing and proofreading. Even when we are checking those short texts, it is easy to omit some grammar and style mistakes, which is why it is recommended to proofread things aloud. It helps to avoid wordiness and save some time as we learn to check our homework in terms of confidence! Do not be shy and give it a try even if you whisper!

6. Explore What Interests You When Not Studying. Do not ignore those times of leisure when you have a chance to explore something that interests you and discuss it with your friends. Make your times of fun entertaining by learning something new and challenging yourself all the time. For example, if you are majoring in Nursing, think of those unusual rural practices. Likewise, if you are a future lawyer, explore interesting case studies and watch those classic movies dealing with the Law. It will help you to keep inspired and add something special as you learn.

7. Take Breaks As You Learn. The most important part is to take breaks as you study because if you get exhausted, it will take twice more time as you learn because your brain will have to reprocess every rule and every bit of text that you have to memorize. Stretching your muscles, drinking a cup of coffee, or just doing something else for about ten minutes will help you to cope with the stress before you continue with your studies.

Most importantly, you have to find inspiration before you start because if you do not feel that inner drive, it will feel boring and exhausting. Your brain and body must experience something similar to watching a baseball game or jumping during a rock concert. Become a part of your task as you study, think outside the box, and explore everything that comes your way!