College life hacks from Nerdify

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Students studying together
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Academic life is full of challenges. As soon as students get into college they are constantly being bombarded with new information. Quite often folks have to relocate to another city and hence meet lots of new people in a very short timespan. Those are certainly both stressful and exciting times. Our team at Nerdify thought it’s going to be a good idea to share some life hacks with you so that you could make the most out of your time in college.

1. Get to know your college and lecturers.

College is not just a place where you get your degree, it’s more than that. The first thing you should do is get to know the place where you are studying – student unions, special offers you get with your student card, career fairs conducted by the local business and so on. Usually, there are plenty of opportunities lying around, so it’s a good thing to at least know where they are.

Next thing – get to know your teachers. Everyone is different, everyone requires a unique approach and almost everyone is biased (we are human beings after all). So the more you know about your lecturers the more you know how to approach them (during exams, mid-terms, revision time etc). This kind of information is always useful.

2. Create a group-chat with your class

Create a group of your class on either social media site or on some type of messenger app. Post important class updates, copies of lecture notes, schedule updates.

It’s best to have several chats depending on a topic. For example, “important announcements”, “lecture notes” and “homework chat”. That way you won’t flood one chat will lot’s of messages on various topics. Have chat guidelines, so that everyone is on the same level on what they can or cannot post

3. Take written notes during lectures

Taking notes during the lecture is one of the best things you can do if you want to absorb and understand the material. But, it turns out how you take your notes is also important. There have been studies that showed that writing things down on a paper actually makes you remember more than if you would by typing on a laptop for example. If you are dead serious about not using paper though, use stylus apps as an alternative.

4. Revise your notes on regular basis

This is the easiest lifehack out there. (Nerdify’s favorite) Read your lecture notes once a month or so. Our memory works in such a way that if we do not use the information we learn it fades away in time. Not only reading notes will make you remember the academic material better, you will also notice “blind spots” in your knowledge much earlier than you otherwise would (not 2 weeks before the final example, for example 🙂

5. Networking!

College is a perfect time to network like crazy. Many people start their first businesses in college due to extensive networking and later in your professional career – the alumni network you have will be the go-to place if you need to reach out to contacts outside your local network of colleagues and friends.

Here at Nerdify, we think that being in college is one of the most fun time you’ll have in your life. Absorb all the knowledge you can (not necessarily lectures), do sports, travel, party, get to know as many people as possible. But, if you ever get buried with work and need a helping hand – get in touch, we’ll get you sorted 🙂