Nerdify Reviews: 7 Habits That Affect Your Eyesight Daily

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Unfortunately, as the Nerdify reviews team could confirm, there are many usual eyesight care rules that come as a surprise to most people when the talk goes about the daily habits that affect a person’s eyesight. In addition to staring at the phone for hours on end, there are many factors like hygiene safety that are often neglected. As we live in the age of technology where portable devices, social media, and television do make up most of our free time, there are still crucial things to watch out for. Luckily, even following these simple 7 rules can make a major difference to your life, habits, and the eyesight!

Wearing Sunglasses. On the contrary to what most people may believe, wearing sunglasses is not for being cool, but for protecting the retina. It is important not to ignore the UV effect on eyesight, especially when you are driving and the flashes of light are always changing one another. Even if you wear contacts, do not forget to wear your sunglasses for that extra protection layer. It is one of the most important factors that can prevent serious eye damage. Do not go for the cheap shades, if possible, but consult with a healthcare specialist about suitable lens.

Expired or Cheap Makeup. While it is not widely discussed, recent research shows that expired makeup can easily pose serious damage to the eyesight. A reason for that is that expired chemicals contained in mascara or eyeliner become dangerous for the sensitive components of an eye and the surrounding area. It is a great place for the bacteria to overcome the barrier, which is especially relevant in winter or the times when a person undergoes high amounts of stress and anxiety. A general rule is to throw away any eye makeup element that goes beyond the three month period to avoid the risks.

Eye Hygiene Habits. In most Nerdify reviews that we do, our authors always stress the importance of keeping eyes safe from irritation or infection, especially during the long hours of studying or browsing through photocopied lecture notes. Rubbing your tiresome eyes or even stretching the corners to get rid of itching with the dirty hands can easily bring infection to your eye and cause temporary damage. The golden rule is to keep your hands clean and to blink several times to let the dry eye be washed with the tears. It may not work right away, yet it is a much safer way to keep your eyes safe.

Smartphone and TV. This is probably the most difficult part for all of us who cannot imagine a day without staring at the smartphone or spending at least an hour watching a favorite TV show. It is reading through the tiny text of the small screens that decreases the frequency of blinking that is a problem. As a result, our eyes feel dry. Another problem is that spending hours with our beloved smart devices, we forgot to drink enough and take breaks for high-fiber foods. It is also believed that spending a lot of time sitting at the computer screen causes headaches and anxiety. The only solution that really works is taking breaks and drinking at least a cup of orange juice or eating an apple to let the eyes readjust.

Wear Your Contacts Right. If you are the one wearing contacts, remember about the hygiene and safety rules. For example, avoid sleeping in contacts as it does not let your eyes get hydrated in a normal way during sleep. Likewise, avoid wearing contacts in the pool or public shower because it increases infection risks. As the Nerdify reviews team has confirmed with the ophthalmologists, there is no need to wear one-day contacts for the entire week because it damages the retina.

Smoking and Alcohol. It should be obvious, but most people these days do not really connect these bad habits with degrading eyesight. In fact, diseases like macular degeneration are linked to excessive smoking. The reason for that is that smoking damages eye muscles, making them weaker, thus resulting in a vision that is less sharp and focused. The smokers and those that consume alcohol are more prone to eye diseases because of a weaker immune system.

General Safety Goggles. We have intentionally put this part at the end because it is a known fact that information at the end of the article will be remembered. An important rule for keeping the eyes safe is wearing safety goggles when working with anything that can splash with liquids, pull back at an unexpected moment or flash with a strong light beam. No matter what kind of work you might do, it is much better to be safe and keep the safety goggles always at hand!

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