Nerdify Reviews: 5 Things You Can Do Daily to Save The Planet

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Nerdify Reviews
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This time the team at Nerdify reviews decided to take a leap forward and think about the ways how an average person can help to save the planet on a daily basis. Some of us join different campaigns or participate in voluntary activities, but the problem is that it is the little things that we all do (or forget to do!) that matter even more. There is a lot of talk on TV about the things that international corporations do to raise social awareness about wildfires or pollution of the oceans, but very little is said about basic education or the rules that every person should learn as a child.

Use the bike instead of driving. Thinking about the things a person does daily, travel responsibility is an important aspect that cannot be underestimated. A number of emissions from the cars, let alone the noise, is a serious issue that most of us seem to ignore in favor of comfort. Even though the bike may not get you anywhere or act as the fastest means of transport, it is also good for your health and can work out for the daily travels to the office or school. Moreover, biking makes your bodywork and improves the heart rate, reduces stress and anxiety.

Plant a tree. The trees are our silent helpers that help to provide not only oxygen, as we remember from the school years, but also supply food and energy for the soil to recover crucial chemical elements. Planting a tree at least once a month makes a major difference to the climate changes that speak more than words and political agendas. Researching various campaigns that help to reforest the planet, the Nerdify reviews came upon American Forests organization that helps to restore our forests for over 140 years. Alternatively, there are many reliable ways to donate at least one dollar to help other people plant a tree and keep it protected. In most cases, these donations go to local schools or kindergartens where the youngsters have fun while keeping the neighborhood green.

Conserve water. This one may sound a bit tricky because some of us are not used to using less water on a daily basis. The same can be said about the use of a large number of chemicals while taking a bath. It does end up in the ocean in the long run, so we are actually the ones who can make it less without spending a dime or even going outside. Thinking about how to implement it in practice, our nerdy team decided to make a personal plan for everyone to consume less water on a daily basis when busy with the usual tasks. It takes one person to start a campaign that the planet Earth will hear and feel right away!

Educate people via social media. The popularity of Facebook and Instagram should be approached by any responsible person. Social media is the best way to educate people about the ways to save the planet and reduce the waste and pollution of our waters. Just think about Instagram – instead of taking pictures of a new dress or a fancy sports car, take a picture of planting a tree or using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic. Alternatively, you can also take pictures of urgent problems in your area and bring social attention to an issue. Help people in your neighborhood to unite efforts and it will bring you much more “likes” and following from the future generations.

Shop wisely. There is a lot a person can do while shopping! Starting from the energy-saving light bulbs to vegetarian foods, the ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bio waste are virtually endless. As Nerdify reviews found out, there are also sustainable foods. What it means in practice is food from the farmers who use little to no chemicals and depend on human labor instead of heavy machines that destroy the soil, making it unusable for the future. Showing recognition for the sustainable food market, we also support the methods used for the recovery of the soil and research in the field of environmental sciences.

As one can see, there are simple old rules that still work today and will always work in the future no matter how technologically advanced we become. The things that we all learn at school are as relevant as ever! While politicians decide how to challenge greenhouse gas emissions or make a change by spending time at the luxury hotels, we all can make a difference by starting the day in a new way. Even following these simple rules will make a difference for the children of the future because it is created right now, the moment we live.

Go eco!

Nerdify Reviews Team