Nerdify Reviews 7 Tips to Write Down Your Online Lecture Notes

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Nerdify Reviews
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It is hard to imagine anything as challenging as writing down your lecture notes online. Just think about your Internet connection always breaking down or Zoom swallowing half of what has been said. Some people at Nerdify reviews even compare it to some odd writings made by the nursing students. Jokes aside, however, we decided to share the tips that have helped us in 2020 and before when getting a hold of our lecture notes online. It is also helpful for various online conferences and those times when you have to get ready for some online exam and need to take helpful notes.

1. Ask questions. Do not be afraid of asking questions. The majority of students that we spoke to at Nerdify reviews have told us that they were afraid of asking this or that because college professors online would easily become irritated. Still, you are there to learn, which is why it is completely normal to ask something that you have misunderstood. Asking for some clarification is your legal right, which is only natural when someone has an unstable Internet connection or misses the point that is hard to understand when you are online.

2. Write down the key phrases. Write down the key phrases that you hear. You don’t even have to do it right away. Take your time to do it the way they always seem to implement at international conferences. Act just like a good journalist and take notes that come to your mind. This way you can use any break from the lectures or any free moment to write something down. You can easily type it into your Notepad online or save it somewhere where you can easily find it. Just write it down in your own words and reference it later by rephrasing things.

3. Share Notes With Your Friends. Do not forget about sharing your lecture notes with your online friends. Some of you may be more tech-savvy, which is a good way to share your tips and ideas. You do not even have to go outside or sit waiting at your friend’s porch because you can share audio recordings, screen captures, or anything that has been used to write down your lecture notes. Learn about the culture of sharing and assist the best way you can. It will always pay off and will help to make sense out of all the mess that you may have had in the beginning.

4. Ask For Sources. Another great lecture tip that has been proposed by our experts at the Nerdify reviews is asking your college professors for sources that would help you see where the information is coming from. You may not hear something well, yet sharing a link online by posting it as a text message is much easier and will save you a great deal of time. Think about this idea the next time you are participating in an online lecture and make sure to share this great tip along. It will also help you to keep the links at hand when you compose your Bibliography or References page.

5. Make Audio Recordings With Your Phone. Since you might be watching your online lecture via your laptop, remember that you can use your phone to record the lecture and playback things later. We often did so at the Nerdify reviews and it has helped us to notice some things that we could not capture before. Since you can playback things more than once, it helps a great deal to determine what has been said and write down an exact quote for your next assignment. It is a handy trick that you must try and see if it helps you to keep your lecture notes in control.

6. Record Yourself Talk. Alternatively, you can try a different approach by recording your thoughts with a voice speaker by using your phone as well. Remember how famous detectives always do so in the movies? It is exactly the same approach! Just record your thoughts during the lecture and playback them later when you have to start with your assignment.

7. Organize Additional Sessions. When all things fail and if you could not write down your online lecture notes for some reason, ask your friends for help. If they are in the same boat as you are, organize additional online sessions, and ask each other for some assistance. While it may not be always possible to approach your college professor, unite your efforts together, and think of a good solution to this unpleasant situation.

Most importantly, remember that you have a right to contact your college’s online help center and explain the situation in case there were any technical troubles. Just make some screenshots and share your and your friends’ evidence as you do!