Nerdify Reviews 7 Ways to Study Together Online

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Nerdify Reviews
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When our geeky bunch at the Nerdify reviews thinks about the things we missed the most during 2020, it is the friendly physical interaction that we used to have and sharing of those helpful study tips that we always have in store. Unfortunately, things are not that easy when you have to interact online and most college students have found it challenging to adapt to the new rules and limitations. It is not the same as studying next to your best buddy at the college dorm who will happily give you a hint or share a joke. Nevertheless, we came up with some ideas about studying together online that you may find helpful.

1. Organize Shared Study Sessions. We all know about Skype or Zoom sessions that seem to be a part of our daily lives today. Still, our Nerdify reviews team recommends thinking about some special schedules where you can study together and share audio and video of your work with each other. This time it won’t come down to the typical “Have you done your assignment on” questions and you won’t have to feel sorry about taking your friend away from watching some movie. Good planning is the key here, which will help you both to keep things organized, making your friendship stronger than ever!

2. Virtual College Parties. You might think that we have gone crazy, yet Nerdify reviews people know it well that a great virtual college party is the talk of the town and the hottest idea in 2020. Study hard, party hard, as they say! Get together for a virtual college party once in a while and give yourself credit once you pass an important milestone in your college course. Watch a great movie together, think about a party theme, listen to music, and make it feel just like a true college!

3. Create Helpful Notes for Each Other. Sometimes we just cannot work when we have online distractions. Still, it does not mean that you should give up. Just create helpful assignment notes for each other and leave comments online in a special space. You can use Facebook messenger as a solution and just leave a short comment once you are done. Ask your friends to do the same. This way you will have a great collection of thoughts that will help you to study together and survive through these turbulent times. Our Nerdify reviews team wants to remind you that joint learning is a culture of sharing, so pay it forward!

4. Host Virtual College Meetings. It is a good idea to host virtual college meetings where you can get together with a group and discuss any issues or concerns that you may have. Do not wait for the college officials to offer you something and take matters into your hands because this way you will prove that you are a confident group of learners who want to see some feedback and hard work being done for the money they have paid. Although it may sound harsh for some people, we know how much slow things have gone at most colleges all over the world. If we wait for changes to come and do nothing, no good will come out of it!

5. Offer Team Projects Work to Your Professors. Since the majority of learning takes place online these days, take the initiative, and ask your college professors to focus on team projects since it will make it possible to cooperate more and work together. We all know how difficult it is for some students to study from the comfort of their homes since they receive no support or encouragement of any kind. The team project can easily remedy this situation!

6. Organize Help Meetings. Speaking of assisting each other, remember that good learning starts with the help being offered. Think about special tutoring and coaching online that can help your fellow students. Discuss your apprehensions, talk about your fears, share ideas for the future, recommend good books and movies, and just interact the way you would normally do it. Approach it as a temporary limitation and look bright into the future by helping each other learn in a healthier (and friendlier) online environment.

7. Create a Virtual Students Club. Most importantly, add some interactive elements to your online studies. Invite your friends to video conferencing, share ideas about starting a virtual club. For example, one day a student may share his or her cooking tips, the other day a student may share expert IT knowledge. Keep things fun and come up with great ideas that will keep you entertained and help you learn more about each other! You can host various competitions, organize quiz evenings, and even think about group plans for the future. Most importantly, have some fun no matter what!