Nerdify Reviews 13 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Students in 2023

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Nerdify Reviews 13 New Year's Resolution Ideas For Students In 2023
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With a new year comes the promise of a fresh start, and what better way to kick off 2023 than by making some meaningful resolutions? If you’re a college student looking for ideas on how to make this the best year, the Nerdify Reviews team prepared 13 simple yet powerful New Year’s resolutions that can help you stay organized, reach your goals, and focus on self-care.

1. Stick to a sleep schedule

This is easier said than done, but getting more restful sleep should be at the top of every college student’s list, say students in Reddit reviews! Make it a goal to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night and avoid all-nighters.

2. Schedule more time for yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of college life and forget about taking care of yourself. Set aside at least an hour or two each week just for yourself – reading a book, exercising, meditating, or even just taking a nap are all great ways to relax and recharge your batteries.

3. Take regular breaks from studying

Taking breaks throughout long study sessions is essential for learning retention and improved concentration levels. Every hour or so take five minutes away from your desk to stretch your legs or grab something to eat/drink – this will help keep you energized during those late-night study sessions!

4. Break down big tasks into smaller ones

It can be overwhelming when faced with large projects that require lots of work over an extended period of time. Students on Reddit advise breaking them down into bite-sized chunks that can be tackled one at a time and won’t seem as daunting!

5. Keep up with class readings/assignments

The key to success in any course is staying ahead of the material – try setting weekly reminders for yourself in order to stay on top of your readings/assignments before they pile up!

6. Make healthier choices

We know it can be hard when living off campus (or even if you do live on campus!) but try to make healthier choices more often rather than relying on junk food or fast food all the time – it will make you feel better both mentally and physically, say Nerdify Reviews experts!

Check if your school has a local food bank or grocery store that do a student discount. Start researching new recipes that include more essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

7. Land that awesome internship you’ve been eyeing

Start researching potential internships or job openings early in the year so you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities that may arise later in the semester!

Landing an internship can be a great way to gain valuable experience in your field of study and start building connections for the future. Before diving in, make sure to assess your skills and interests so you can apply for internships that match them.

8. Make new friends

Expand your social circle by attending events hosted by student organizations on campus or look into joining clubs related to hobbies or interests that you have – meeting new people could lead you down paths that you never expected!

9. Plan ahead for finals season

Finals season can be stressful if not planned out properly so make sure you start studying early enough so as not to cram last minute! And don’t forget about taking care of yourself during this busy time too – set aside some ‘me-time’ each day just for relaxing and unwinding after long days spent studying!

10. Stay organized

Whether it be through creating lists, using calendars/reminders, or utilizing study apps like Evernote, staying organized is key when looking after multiple classes/projects at once will save you lots of stress in the long run too!

11. Create a new routine and stick to it

Creating and sticking to a new routine can help you stay on top of your studies, have time for yourself, and make healthier choices. Make sure to factor in enough time for studying, sleeping, eating, and other activities. You can also use this new routine as a way to set boundaries so that you can make sure that you always have time for yourself.

12. Give back

Take some time to give back to your community – it can be volunteering your time or even donating items you don’t need anymore. Giving back will help you appreciate what you have and it can also be a great way to meet new people!

13. Celebrate your accomplishments

It’s important to take the time to recognize and celebrate all of your accomplishments, both big and small. Whether getting an A on a test or finally finishing that long-term project, taking a few moments to appreciate your hard work can be a great way to boost motivation and confidence!

In Conclusion

At first glance, these resolutions may seem small but they are effective steps toward improving your overall academic performance while still prioritizing your mental health. The Nerdify Reviews team says all of the above is making these suggestions great New Year’s resolutions for college students everywhere! Make 2023 your best year yet with these 13 achievable goals. Good luck!