Nerdify Reviews: 5 Ways to Increase Emotional Intelligence 

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Nerdify Reviews
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When hearing of emotional intelligence, most of us believe that it is either present or not, defining it as a presence of strong leadership skills. In reality, it is a set of character traits that should be constantly improved by learning and cooperating with others. Add intuition, logic, advanced communication skills, and empathy to any process to get a better idea of why it is important and how employees with high emotional intelligence are more capable in any situation. Nerdify reviews are back! Here is what our team came up to: even if you feel insecure about your personal and professional weaknesses, there are few things to consider as one reaches for success!

  • Learn How to Listen 

Emotional intelligence starts with active listening skills, which means that a person should strive for clarity and a general picture of any situation before speaking out. It can be quite challenging for some people, but it teaches a good lesson of paying attention to the body language or those non-verbal details that are usually ignored when a person is in a hurry. In truth, an opinion is only heard when an opponent is listening without trying to fill in a word or two. The same works when one shows patience and care towards others. It is not only providing enough space and time for everyone to respond to an idea but shows who is an actual leader in the team (we used it for our Nerdify reviews team), willing to listen with due care.

  • Response Instead of Reaction 

Regardless if it is college life, going through homework troubles, sitting at the boring lecture or even talking to friends and family, true emotional intelligence shows only when it is challenged. A good example is a conflict situation where it is easy to get nervous and even angry. Just imagine working in a team of different people where your opinion is being ignored. An obvious reaction would be to start arguing or shouting at the opponents, which is natural for most people. Now try to use analysis and response instead of an immediate reaction. Think about why your proposal is stronger and how it can work along with the other ideas. The same relates to homework – respond by getting at least one task complete to show that no challenge can break you down!

  • Empathize and Comfort 

Empathy is an honorable skill and not a weakness as some people may think when they try to imagine a strong leader. If there is a workplace conflict, bullying or a person struggling with company’s policies, it takes a heart, experience, and the soft intelligence skills to let that employee know that he or she has someone to count on. Even if you are a student sharing space with a college roommate, show more patience, care, and respect and it will definitely pay off. Share a smile from time to time, let someone use something that can be shared, give a hint about time management or simply talk about what troubles you. Sometimes even a single word can make a major difference, so give it a try right now!

  • Social Skills Matter 

It does not mean that you have to jump at every opportunity or keep talking all the time. The social skills stand for being approachable and friendly while adjusting personal and professional experience depending on who is around. Even the best leaders and those who look powerful have those moments of weakness and insecurity when their self-esteem could be better. It takes a lot of training and challenging yourself no matter how difficult it may seem. Take a look at your talking space, use more body movements, learn from others or write speeches to read them aloud. It may not be easy, but it will reward you with confidence.

  • Leadership As Example For Others

Now the most important thing is being an example for others and walking an extra mile to assist people in need. Leadership is not about being the best, but about doing the best one can to create a special friendly environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. It is not possible to do all the work alone and just see the rest of the team struggle and come up with humble ideas. A true leader patiently listens and learns by trial-and-error with each person involved, living through each challenge and a victory. Show that there is no need to feel embarrassed if something is unclear by daring to ask and grow both as a professional and a person!

A lot of people still ask if there is a balance between insisting and acting passively as the emotional intelligence skills are worked out. The key is to show respect and never act too pushy to show one’s rightfulness. Set the goal and show motivation, so your opponent becomes inspired to listen and reconsider one’s opinion. Finally, as you face life’s struggles and feel like giving up, remember that success is a journey, not a destination.

xoxo, your Nerdify Reviews team