Nerdify Reviews 7 Games to Keep Yourself Busy During Study Breaks Online

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Nerdify reviews
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Unlike the regular college hall lectures and the usual high school studies, online learning has introduced several restrictions of having to wait for your scheduled time online, which often means that your online learning session may start 20-30 minutes later than it has been planned. Add some technical glitches here and there and you are left with some free time in front of your laptop. The geeky types at the Nerdify reviews decided to add some fun and come up with a list of quick online games that could keep you busy as you wait for the college professor to finally get online.

1. Celeste. It is a great arcade game that will help you to keep your brain and cognitive functions more active than ever. It revolves around the female character called Madeline who is set on a journey or a mission. You will encounter different climbing experiences, spooky creatures, and lots of fun. The best part about it is that you can keep things creative and focus on various challenges. It is not a boring game that will keep you attentive and will help your brain to switch to a different activity. Our Nerdify reviews’ game aficionados really praise this cute arcade game!

2. Little Alchemy. This game is quite interesting because it is not an easy one to play. It progresses from being easy to challenging. It includes various tasks that include dealing with the basic elements that we all know well. Nerdify reviews would like to remind you that we talk about water, air, wind, and the earth. Seriously though, you have about 560 various options that will help you create something out of the ordinary. A great game that will keep you busy for hours or keep things fun when you are too excited while waiting for the lessons to start.

3. Duet. It is one of those great video game releases that are easy to miss, yet our dedicated team at the Nerdify reviews has good games in the store that they are happily sharing with you. It has it all – amazing graphics, a beautiful trance music soundtrack that will keep you relaxed, numerous game levels, and a plethora of interaction. As a player, you have various obstacles to settle down and it will help you to make progress. Alternatively, you can play online with a friend. What you have to do is control two vessels and keep things in balance. A great soundtrack is simply exceptional!

4. Escape the Room. This game might frighten you, yet it is the game that will help you to finally find some peace as you sit at home and miss college times. It is an opportunity to get rid of stress and finally think about something good. This game is also known as “The Experiment” because it is a true virtual reality experience that acts as a puzzle that you must solve on your own or together with an online friend. You must escape the room within 60 minutes by finding the key. Of course, you can do it much faster (if you will) and continue with your studies!

5. Stardew Valley. Have you ever thought about making your Minecraft experience even more interesting as a kid? Well, it seems that some people have thought about it and came up with similar graphics and not much that a person must do except surviving on a plot of land. It is a great game when you need to take a break. If you have played the Animal Crossing game before, you might already know what it feels like. You have to build a strategy to survive and find various ideas as you live the life of a virtual farmer. As it helps to switch your brain off the textbooks, this game is a keeper on our list.

6. Melody’s Escape. What about flying your Mario kart while listening to the best music and racing high through the different obstacles while generating synchronized movements according to the music that plays. It is one of the best solutions when you need a good break. In practice, you can run, jump, or slide according to the music you have in your playlist. It is one of those games that can capture you entirely as it is something that you control! Have fun listening!

7. Portal 2. It is the game for those college students who do not mind challenging themselves with some calculation and hard-logic thinking. You must be in a problem-solving mindset as you start playing. It is a very popular puzzle-platform game that has much more to it. It is dynamic and contains unexpected twists. Without giving too much away, we recommend that you check it out to see why it is so popular among college students.