Back to Normal Life from Nerdify: How to Avoid Stress and Exhaustion

4 min read
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As the restrictions related to the Covid-19 outbreak are slowly removed all over the world, it is not easy to get back to normal life and the schedules that seemed natural for studies, work, and the times of leisure. Due to excessive amounts of stress and a necessity to fit within new rules or changes in a college curriculum or summer job, it is very easy to fall as a victim of exhaustion and burnout. Thankfully, there are little tricks from Nerdify that will help you adjust even for the most challenging environment and function even better than before!

No Panic! Life Will Always Go On

Stress and anxiety never come out of nowhere even if it may initially seem so! If you are about to dive into the unknown related to new responsibilities or simply making it through the day after the months of isolation, there are still valid reasons. Shift your focus from all the frightening and negative elements. Life will always continue, and so will your duties. Build your schedule step by step and take it easy! Is you lack energy for this, ask Nerdify for help. There may be a dress that does not fit you any longer or your room that does not look right. When your life is filled with changes that come from the outside, it is time to make some changes on the inside and think of how one can refresh one’s personal space.

Exercise & Take Walks

Most of us have dreamt about taking a walk through the park or running along with our good friends, yet when the moment finally comes, we always find several reasons to stay indoors. It may be stressful to make a first step, which is normal as your body will have to engage the muscles and your brain will have to inhale great amounts of oxygen. Do not be too hard on yourself – take a walk around the block or ask a friend for calm jogging. Focus on your breathing and do not count the minutes or the miles as you go. If going outside is not possible yet, turn to simple breathing gymnastics and stretching. As you participate in physical activity, the functioning of the hippocampus improves. It is a part of the brain that is the center of memory storage. Now do it some justice!

Start Something New

There is nothing like bringing a sudden change to your life that will take you by storm! Start learning a new language, make plans for a summer trip in your local area, or join a charity that has its relevant branches all around the world. As a new responsibility, this activity will help your brain move on and realize that life is slowly getting back to normal!

Avoid Negative Thinking

If you feel the uncertainty that floats through the air, – you are not alone! Our world is waking up after one of the worst pandemics ever known to humanity. It is time to move on and think positive thoughts! Avoid watching the TV news or looking through the same frightening reports. Focus on your creative skills and the things that you had planned for a long time. Start with a good schedule plan, write a wishlist, or cooperate with your friends for a good conversation!

The stress and anxiety always come up when we stop and let negative thoughts and tiredness fill our minds and bodies. Therefore, remember about taking some rest once in a while. There is no need to fit all your plans in a day or even a week. Take one step at a time and you will get there, feeling relieved and inspired!