Nerdify Reviews: 5 Tricks to Make Distance Learning Fun

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Unless you are one of those home-schooled students or have already received a degree by joining an online course, distance learning will seem intimidating and confusing at first. Most students complain that distance learning differs by having more tasks and responsibility because you are not one of many learners in the classroom and have to prove that you have mastered something. Moreover, an average online campus is not easy to master and takes some time to learn. Thankfully, there are tricks that will make your distance learning fun and less stressful!

Use Scheduling Apps. This simple fact is repeated over and over, yet remote learning is impossible without a good planner application like Bounty Tasker or the famous EverNote. Both solutions have a calendar, reminders, color codes for diverse task types or courses, and a way to synchronize the app with the majority of famous apps. Bounty Tasker lets you turn your plans into a game and receive awards. Learn as you gamify your experience and reward yourself for achievements!

Engage in Collaboration. Since we are already away from each other, which is more than relevant now, organize your own or participate in already existing collaboration projects where you can study and learn in a group of people. Be it a Psychology major or even Mechanical Engineering, create Skype sessions among the students, become a team leader, talk to each other, and learn in a fun way!

The Outline Trick. We all know how challenging it is to keep sane with all these lengthy digital books and a number of links that have to be checked upon. As you start with an online assignment, create an outline. In simple terms, use it as an intro for your task where you create a description and write down the thesis, if relevant. Include keywords, author names, good quotes, just anything that will help you remember the most important.

A Personal Backup Plan. Since the majority of distance learning happens online, remember to have a backup of all your files. For example, you can use DropBox to keep all your documents safe. This way you can always return and have a look through the files. Alternatively, add the Scannable app to keep all your handwriting safe and clear. Now the fun part begins when you create an Instagram channel where you tell of your learning experience and become an influencer for students like you!

Free Online Courses. You may say something within the lines of no more homework. However, there is some academic fun you can join! Check out Coursera or Udemy for great free courses where you can double your major’s key concepts. It always helps to understand what you learn without grades or any deadlines when you have additional instruction. Join Academic Earth for free online video lectures from the best world’s universities. It is a good alternative to the boring assignments as you can sit back and watch when and what you can!